With only 6 months to go before I was 75, I had to do something about my UK pension funds, so I decided to bring the money to Australia under an Australian QROPS system.  But how do I find a company that can do this?
Contacting John Goldie and Paramount was one of the better decisions I have made. John was able to transfer the money to Australia with the assurance that all was legal in both the UK and Australia.  I had to pay some tax, but nothing like what the UK Government would have taken.  Now my Australian and UK pensions are united together and invested by Paramount under their recommended investment plans.

Although, one can never predict what the future holds, I have every confidence that I will always receive the best financial advice from Paramount.

Sam Bullock

Wayne Leggett of Paramount Financial Services Group has been assisting me with my wealth creation and financial security for several years now. He provides me with good advice and arranges necessary plans and insurances for my long term financial plan. Wayne's team have provided me with superannuation and life insurance advice and referred me for will & estate planning advice to provide me with peace of mind and my family with the necessary protection from an unforseen life event. I would highly recommend the advice from Paramount Financial Services.

Matt. G - Business Owner

Having a young family, we always worried about our financial security and providing for our children. We never seemed to get ahead and had little extra cash. Sure we had our super and some insurances but what was it doing for us? My wife and I met with Wayne and the team at Paramount, who guided us in securing our future. Wayne was able to bring all our finances together with our super, our wills, our home loan, our income protection, our insurances are all now working for us. We are now looking into wealth creation and starting a share portfolio.

Speaking to my friends, they never understood what a financial planner actually did. "Why do I need help?", they would ask. I have recommended a lot of my friends and work colleagues to Paramount and they now share in the financial advice and guidance that they never knew that they actually needed.

Drew Meredith

We started our relationship with Paramount in 2009. Immigrating from Europe, we had no idea about the personal finance landscape in Australia! What on earth is superannuation? How do we go about sorting it out? What about all these confusing insurance policies? We didn't know where to start; we didn't understand the ins and outs of financial planning. Thankfully, Wayne was there! He has saved us much pain and misery. We were not alone! We are on the same wavelength as Wayne - from the start, our communication just felt right. He helps us understand the process (read: dumbs it down!), which has saved us a fair bit of stress! So much so that we have been more than happy to recommend friends and colleagues to Wayne and Paramount.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Paramount team long into our financial future.

Claire and Andrew Weller

Just thought you may be pleased to know that yesterday was settlement day for completion of my mortgage. My home loan etc is now , no more & Iv'e gotta tell you it feels pretty damned good. I want to thank you & Angeline for your assistance in the process because without your help it may well have taken much longer for the process to happen. I suppose it's now up to me as to what to do about the next stage in the transition to retirement, I find it a little scary when I stop & contemplate the decision. I still have the end of the financial year as a target but I guess lots can happen between now & then, so I will suck it & see for now & make some firm decisions in the new year.

I would also like to wish yourself, your family & all your staff the very best for Christmas & The New Year & also to say thanks for the rather novel card I received from your company. Thanks again for everything John & I would hope to catch up sometime in the not too distant future.

Cheers & best wishes.

Noel Staude

Thanks all so very much for arranging the transfer of funds as requested. All going well we should take delivery of the caravan on Monday 25 Nov and start some serious planning for some lovely trips away (wherever) & whenever. Your help & support has once again been joy and again thank you all so very much. We shall take a few pics and forward them on asap.

Best regards always.

John and Kathy
Thank you to all of you at Paramount Wealth Management. I can't thank you and your team enough for being there for me over the years. From the onset in my working days, to now as a single retiree, you have never failed to be there for support and advice in financial matters. You have never let me down and have always been available for me. Last month I was faced with the daunting task of having to buy a new car. I was concerned about how this purchase and what effect it would have on my future income and how I could obtain the funds to make it possible. One call to John alleviated all the stress and the purchase went through trouble free. It is of great comfort to know that in any financial decision I am confronted with, that you are with me every step of the way. I would highly recommend you and your valued services and can assure anyone that requires financial management and direction, that they would be in safe hands under your guidance. Thank you again.
Audrey Stirling
We have been with Wayne for over 15 years and in that time, with Wayne's expertise and guidance, we have built a solid financial position. With the recent untimely passing of my husband, I am so grateful for the financial security I have and for the ongoing help and support from Wayne, which has been invaluable.
Louise Walker
Wayne made such a difference to our lives, we feel comfortable in knowing everything is in great hands! Just leave everything with Wayne and in no time everything is sorted and in place putting our mind at ease.
Emily Holmes
Wayne has demystified the maze that is financial advice and superannuation these days. I don't have the time to work out what is the best way for us to handle our finances but Wayne does. My only regret is that we weren't introduced to him earlier. Would definitely recommend Wayne to anyone looking for a great financial adviser.
Liz Behjat
The first person I have spoken to about superannuation in years who had my best interests as his number one priority. Refreshing and intelligent advice without bias or prejudice. Straight talking, common sense approach to finances and retirement planning regardless of your current financial situation.
Bernadette C.
We have been clients of Wayne's for over 10 years and are delighted with the results he has helped us achieve. His advice is always concise and easy to understand. He has always taken time to listen to our needs and answer any questions. Highly recommend his services to anyone looking to secure their financial future.
Leith and Kristy
Wayne is a very honest, warm, gentle and generous spirited gentleman who always makes you feel welcome and that any question asked no matter how silly is always received with a genuine attitude to help and to help us understand. He has a wonderful sense of humour and is extremely knowledgeable and always explains things in depth so we can understand.
Lyn H.