If you're still in the earning stage of life, your ability to achieve your desired financial objectives is dependent on you being able to set aside funds over the long term.

There are five financial risks that could potentially undermine a secure financial future:

  • Unemployment;
  • Premature Death;
  • Total and Permanent Disablement;
  • Illness or Injury;
  • Major Medical Trauma

Fortunately, with the exception of unemployment, it is possible to insure against the financial impact of these events.

Given how important these risks are to your financial plans, reviewing your needs in these four areas is essential!

Following comprehensive analysis of your needs in these areas, we make recommendations on an appropriate insurance package for your particular situation, taking existing cover (including employer-funded benefits) into account, using a panel of preferred Insurers, selected through extensive research of the features, definitions, premiums, benefits and claims payment history of the company.andnbsp;

Our friends at Zurich Financial Services have published a whitepaper highlighting public confusion over the role played by different types of insurance. Many people believe private health insurance, workers compensation and even the NDIS are legitimate life insurance substitutes. To access an e-book on the findings, click here.

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