The business known today as Paramount Financial Solutions was founded in 1971. Even though this was a time before the term "financial planning" had even been used, the guiding principle of the business, even then, was to deliver sound, comprehensive financial advice to its clients. Some five decades later, this same principle remains the driving force for the business today.


The financial advice profession was developed with a focus on product sales. But, this isn't always appropriate. Many financial needs do not have a "product" solution.

At Paramount, advice IS the product. After taking the time to understand both your present circumstances and your financial objectives, we work with you to develop and manage a series of strategies designed to make these goals achievable in a reasonable timeframe.

As a fee-for-advice business, we are paid by you, the client, NOT by third parties. Any remuneration generated as a result of our recommendations is treated as a credit against fees.

Our advice is always designed to maximise the likelihood that your goals are achieved in an appropriate timeframe, while still allowing you to sleep at night. We believe BOTH these factors are essential in an appropriate financial plan.

Nevertheless, we understand the difficulty in finding financial advice that's right for you, so here's a little video that might make it a bit easier for you to choose.